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  • Downloads: 500,000 - 1,000,000
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  • Publisher:Crafty Apps
  • updated:Jan 12,2014 ChangeLog
  • Ratings:17953
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  • by Chathuranga Band on Jul 11,2013
    Best app
    This is one of the best and must have app for the android user. Also developer quickly respond to the user questions. However if there's a video tutorials its better. Thanks for this great app. Its worth more than its price. :D
  • by John McKenty on Jul 11,2013
    The tasks can't be programmed on Nexus 7
    There seems to be a bug where you have to do an if statement in tasks/actions. Can't just tell it to turn on WiFi when a profile is active. Useless.
  • by Daniel Potter on Jul 06,2013
    Not for the galaxy S4...
    I loved this app on my HTC EVO 3D... but there is very little functionality with the sprint galaxy S4. All I want is to be able to map the home button (preferably with a recorded pattern or double/triple tap). Easily a 5+ star app when it works. Hopefully I'll be updating this review shortly.
  • by Jay Bouajram on Jul 06,2013
    needs to keep up with new advances
    This is potentially a great up, provided it keeps up with new options offered by new releases of android. We are still waiting for wifi-direct support since 10/10/2012
  • by Tim Weiss on Jul 06,2013
    Got flashlight working on my Lockscreen cheers. Brilliant app. Must read a lot more to see what other incredible things this can do. Well worth the money for that ONE task though. Watch videos, read about it, then BUY IT! You won't be let down
  • by Marlow Anduze on Jul 02,2013
    Luv it! The best app I have on my phone, period!
    It makes my phone better, easier to use and more secure. Everything is set up the way I want. Worth every cents !!!
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