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  • Downloads: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000
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  • updated:Feb 18,2014 ChangeLog
  • Ratings:2000372
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  • by Michael Papaviza on Jul 12,2013
    Notifications still broken
    Notification ringtone customization doesn't work and the light pulses the default white instead of green like it used to on my Galaxy Nexus. Also it would be nice to have the 'at' symbol on the default keyboard screen. Oddly only sometimes, retweets are listed in the Activity section and they really clutter it up with redundant information.
  • by joshua ramone on Jul 12,2013
    I once had problems. But not anymore.
  • by jessica diaz on Jul 12,2013
    Fix please
  • by Fausto Di Palma on Jul 12,2013
    After latest ypdate
    Since last update I have trouble sending my tweets. Especially when sharing from other apps. But it's definitely different in sending tweets after latest updates. On the plus side, the notifications sounds are fixed but alas new problems. Fix quick please.
  • by Kyle Munro on Jul 12,2013
    Needs more impovements
    I have noticed a lot of tweets never show up on my T.L., but when i go to someone's profile, they are there. Also, new pictures for accounts do not load, they stay the same old picture.
  • by Dani Castillo on Jul 07,2013
    Worst Update Ever
    Before the two last updates, I could still check twitter photos. But after this last update, I couldn't see photos. And then another update came and I thought it would sort eveything out so I did so but nothing changed, I still couldn't see photos. If I could just give this a zero star, I would. Please fix soon!
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