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  • Downloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
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  • Publisher:Healthagen
  • updated:Jan 31,2014 ChangeLog
  • Ratings:64153
  • Latest version: 5.24
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  • by cody kneer on Jul 12,2013
    Thus app is excellent. The best medical app on the market by far. Rather your an emt, doctor, med student, or even an inquisative mind who doesn't work in the medical field, it's a great app. News, medicines, everything you could ask for, even insurance information. 5/5 absolutely perfect.
  • by Vinay kumar chou on Jul 12,2013
    Fantastic and very much helpful
  • by Shaina Jenkins on Jul 12,2013
    Pretty good app
  • by wenmac Mckoy on Jul 12,2013
    I love this App
  • by Mike Albright on Jul 12,2013
    Missing facilities
    The list of facilities and providers is woefully incomplete.
  • by Vicky.icyemymini on Jul 12,2013
    I use this app for all kinds of medical info it hasn't let me ...
    I use this app for all kinds of medical info it hasn't let me down yet!
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