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  • Downloads: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000
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  • Publisher:Google Inc.
  • updated:Jan 10,2014 ChangeLog
  • Ratings:1066721
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  • by Joseph Bevington on Jul 12,2013
    Update makes deleting emails more difficult
    I don't like how the update makes deleting emails more difficult by moving the delete button to the top of the screen and by eliminating the option to select and delete multiple emails. That said, I do like some of the other functionality that the update added.
  • by Andy Hilton on Jul 12,2013
    Now more pleased
    Delete is back by default and with a few other improvements my rating on the app goes back up.
  • by Javier Marrufo on Jul 12,2013
    Love the update!
    I've been waiting to move emails to folders rather than archiving. At long last! Thank you!! I don't know about the color labels, is there really a need for that? That's just me. Overall, great job thus far. Update.. This recent update is awesome, thank you!!
  • by Chris Snider on Jul 12,2013
    Good update overall.
    The new update added a lot of functional and aesthetic improvements. But where'd the swipe-to-delete option go? PLEASE bring this back. I can't think of a reason I'd want to swipe to archive, but I used swipe to delete every day before it was removed.
  • by Mike Smith on Jul 12,2013
    Latest version sucks :(
    HOW DO U CHANGE PICTURE? not saying much about the new interface (which seems much more designed for tablets, with their large screens), since updating to the latest version my email no longer updates and I get almost no notifications. I have to manually pull down or hit refresh several times in order for new mail to show up. WTH!? :( Also to chime in on that other subject, would be nice to "slide left to archive, slide right to delete" or something like that, instead of the confusing mess we have now.
  • by Paschalis Angelo on Jul 07,2013
    Not there yet
    The latest update brought some of the old usability back, but it's not there yet. Still you'll be forced to see all your google accounts, no matter if you're using them for mail or not and the multiple selection is ONLY available if you have the sender pictures enabled. I will still suggest to: DO NOT UPDATE. The new is still a step backwards.
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